J  o  h  n   V  a  n  d  i  v  e  r

"It's like a never-ending Christmas..."
For this reviewer, listening to John's music is like opening a new gift every time. It's like a never ending Christmas. As soon as you think that you have heard all he has to offer, he comes up with something new. 

It has been a true honor and pleasure to watch him grow into his own sense of lyrical prowess and musical genius. The one thing that is evident in all of John's music is his passion. That passion carries his songs to a new level and carries you right along. His music speaks of true human condition and emotion and experience and it is something that we can all relate to at some level.

He pours his heart and soul into all he does and it could not be more evident than in his music. Whatever dreams he has for his future I have no doubt that he can accomplish them and more. Whether you are toe tapping to the bluegrass inspired "Ramblin' and Gamblin'," soul searching to "On The Other Side", or trying to stay out of the way of the "Devil's Wind" you will find something to speak to your soul and you will be hooked from the first note. - Tracy Wells Vandiver, Singer/Songwriter & Member of Claxton Creek

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Schedule of Appearances
"...one of the most down to earth and honest guys I have ever worked with."
I would like to send a shout out to my good friend John Vandiver, one of the most down to earth and honest guys I have ever worked with. John played in my band for two years on and off. He also played on two of my CDs and was always on time for our shows. John is on his own now and starting to make a name for himself as a solo singer. He is a very good singer, song writer and playing the mandolin and guitar only adds to his talent. So I would like to congratulate my good friend on his success. Thanks for all your help.... Will Caudill & Route 7.
            11            6:00pm                            Friendly Falls Food & Stuff                            Sevierville, TN
            18            ----------                                        Private Show                                        Sevierville, TN
            25            6:00pm                            Friendly Falls Food & Stuff                            Sevierville, TN

            02            6:00pm                            Friendly Falls Food & Stuff                            Sevierville, TN
            07            8:00pm                            The Acoustic Coffeehouse                              Johnson City, TN
            09            6:00pm                            Friendly Falls Food & Stuff                            Sevierville, TN
            11            TBA                                            Richard's Cafe                                       Nashville, TN
                            TBA                                  The Commodore Grille                                  Nashville, TN
            12            TBA                                                    TBA                                                 Nashville, TN
            18            ----------                                       Private Show                                         Beckley, WV
            23            6:00pm                            Friendly Falls Food & Stuff                            Sevierville, TN
            30            6:00pm                            Friendly Falls Food & Stuff                            Sevierville, TN

            04            8:00pm                            The Acoustic Coffeehouse                             Johnson City, TN
            15            7:00pm                            The Vienna Coffeehouse                                Maryville, TN
            23            8:00pm                            The Acoustic Coffeehouse                            Johnson City, TN

            05            ----------                                     Private Event                                         Castlewood, VA
            06            ----------                                     Private Event                                         Castlewood, VA
            10            12:00pm                           WDVX Blue Plate Special                             Knoxville, TN                                        
                             8:00pm                            The Acoustic Coffeehouse                          Johnson City, TN
            19            7:00pm                           Crown Station Coffee & Pub                          Charlotte, NC
            27            7:00pm                             The Vienna Coffeehouse                               Maryville, TN 

        08            6:30pm                                     Richard's Café                                        Nashville, TN
            17            7:00pm                            The Vienna Coffeehouse                                Maryville, TN      
"When you can write a song and it has the quality of songs that have stood the test of time, you know you are onto something."
John plays several instruments and when you add his vocals, it’s as good as it gets... When you can write a song and it has the quality of songs that have stood the test of time, you know you’re on to something...sing and play from the heart and have no problem entertaining any crowd, any size. 
After the spring Old Oak appearance John was kind enough to return to Greeneville Tennessee for the Downtown July 4th Celebration. Again he gained many new fans as he took the stage and again he (along with Tracy)  put on a show that was nothing more than perfect. 

 If you looking for Quality Entertainment for your event, look no further. John will bring another dimension to the music that is such a refreshing change and will satisfy any crowd with variety.  - John D. Brown, Event Organizer, Greeneville, TN

John is now booking for the 2015 season! Have a favorite musical hang out? Let us know using the contact form and we will try to play YOUR town!

Big things coming! Wouldn't it be great to be able to listen to John no matter where you go? We think so too! (Stay tuned!)
"One of the most creative, passionate, and motivated individuals I have ever known is John Vandiver. His musical talent is immense, and can be heard and felt as he sings, plays, and writes. As a songwriter, lyrics flow from his heart and soul and take hold of the listener. He is a pure and genuine talent with a promising future in the music industry. Whether creating a lyric or soulfully delivering a ballad, John Vandiver has the unique ability to capture his audience and leave the listener wanting more. I came to know John as a band member and am now happy to consider him a lifelong friend!" - Kelley Nelson, Singer/Songwriter, The Kelley Nelson Band
"...as a songwriter, lyrics flow from his heart and soul and take hold of the listener."