J  o  h  n   V  a  n  d  i  v  e  r

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John Vandiver is a Southwest Virginia native and multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter, who now calls the Charlotte Metro area his home. 

Raised on the bluegrass classics John has carved out a niche all his own in the musical world blended the old bluegrass with folk, blues, country, and occasionally a little rock and roll. He is a man without genre and without boarders who always pours his heart and soul into his music and his lyrics.

John has been active in the music world since he was a teen playing with local artist Jake Jones and then progressing to North Carolina based groups None of the Above, Starting Friday and Carolina Sunrise.

After coming back to Virginia in 2007 he played with The Kelley Nelson Band and formed his own musical duo, Claxton Creek, before touring and recording with Kentucky based groups Josh Slone & CoalTown and Will Caudill & Route 7.

John prides himself on always pushing the limits of his comfort-zone and the boundaries placed upon him. He writes and plays with an old soul content only to give a little of himself away with his sounds.